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I'm is a queer producer and creative director residing in Los Angeles, California. Using experimental media as a vehicle to generate community and societal engagement, my art aims to champion queer narratives, illuminate socio-economic disparities, and bring forward the everyday "monsters" of the human experience.

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I'm obsessed with colors and fluidity when it comes to art, it is all about breaking the rules. I've spent a good chunk of time experimenting with mixed media and blending traditional and contemporary concepts together. Happy accidents happen all the time when you are creating so I'm always willing to take on new challenges. Sometimes, more is truly more!

My unique talent is thinking in colors 90% of the time.



I am very much interested in using the mechanics of thematic exploration as a vehicle to find ways out of what I consider to be the most dire philosophical problems facing the modern western world. To this end, my work tends to, in varying ways, begin with characters trapped within emotional and philosophical states Westerners might find familiar, then follow them as they try to find their way(s) out.

My unique talent is I have long been a semi-professional tarot reader. Tarot, along with a few other divinatory systems, has brought me some of the most profound and rewarding insights of my life.



I love being around creative and passionate people. The art that comes out of any project is the essence to life! 


My unique talent is that I have a pretty witchy intuition.



I'm an optimistic nihilist with a heart for adventure. My goal is to live and travel around the world while shooting films and commercials. I love the people who make this career what it is - from long, established relationships to meeting up for a drink with someone brand new, the people matter most to me. I take care of my set families, and consistently prioritize a healthy set culture and meaningful relationships above all else. For me, if the people aren’t happy and safe, the stories aren’t told the way they should be.

My unique talent is the combination of my kind nature, dry sense of humor and balanced professionalism that ensures you'll have a good time on set.



I am a writer, director, and producer with a focus in the horror genre. My work under my production company, Monstrous Femme Films, is an amalgamation of campy horror, femme centric socio-political commentary, and my love of retro design and fashion. My debut short FANATICO has been distributed by ALTER, amassing almost 100k views, and my latest short BABY FEVER has been doing very well on the festival circuit since it premiered in June 2022.

My unique talent is I can probably name the release year of any deep-cut horror movie you throw at me from the '70s and '80s. Try me!



Life is full of so many moods and atmospheres—I love that photography insists we revisit them. If you don't have any shadows, you're not standing in the light!

My unique talent—aside from photograph— is.I can roll a really good joint. I'm also proficient in French and Spanish.



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